HEAL Mobile App

The app is managed by Yoma-OUE healthcare who has 60% shareholding interest by FMI and has 40% shareholding interest by OUE Lippo Healthcare. Our app’s initiative is a first for Myanmar and we plan to continually provide new healthcare approaches to improve Myanmar’s healthcare system while providing the best personal patient experiences. We partner with healthcare providers to complement the existing brick and mortar model of traditional healthcare service provision and to expand smart digitized solutions.

The app will provide quality health and wellness solutions delivered through technology which is available 24/7/365 with our multi-disciplinary team of full-time doctors and clinical team. Anyone is allowed to access everything they need through our one stop healthcare platform. Anyone will be able to consult with doctors within a few minutes, book an online appointment, update your records, order a prescription, shop healthcare products, and many more education awareness.

App Features:
On-Demand 24/7 Telehealth

Telehealth is a quick way for patients who need care right away to connect with reliable, affordable care regardless of their schedules or transportation options.

Book an Appointment

Easily book doctors of your choice for both online and offline consultations.


Order prescriptions conveniently and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Health Education Materials

Read personalized health related articles and discussions online.

Emergency/ Digital Health Concierge

Get access to emergency care through the app and link with emergency departments.

Connected Healthcare

Virtual access to entire healthcare ecosystem.

Marketplace for Health and Wellness

Able to shop healthcare and wellness products from variety of suppliers at one clink with reasonable price.

Video, Voice and Chat

Get access to consult with doctors at your prefer platform.

Personal Health Profile

Automatically receive your medical history, a summary of your consult, pharmacy prescription and treatment/care plan.

Online Payments

You can quickly and easily pay with WaveMoney, WavePay, Visa, Master, MPU or Union.

Automated Care Reminder

Offer automated alerts to help you remind on booking appointments, prescriptions schedules and health behaviors.

Integration with Health devices Link with any health devices and able to track/monitor your daily activities