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PHSH has 5 operation theaters inside and 2 rooms for normal delivery and 1 room for endoscopy. We have well-appointed horizontal laminar flow Hepa-filtered operating theaters, an international standard central sterilization unit and a centrally integrated and monitored critical care unit with the latest equipment to ensure the best possible surgical outcomes for patients.

  • One of the unique features of the OT Department is that PHSH offers Laparoscopy for General Surgery, Laparoscopy for Gynecology, Arthroscopy for Orthopedics, Penetro 900, first of its kinds in Myanmar for Neurosurgery.
  • All these services are provided by internationally experienced Full-Time Specialists.All these full-time Specialists at PHSH are well-experienced and hands on training from Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Ireland and UK.
  • Our Full-time internationally experienced Anesthetist Doctors are also supporting these Full-Time Specialists.
  • Central Sterilization Department is also important for PHSH. It cleans and sterilizes all our operation instruments by using (3) steps infection control systems with Gentige Equipments under the International Standards and Protocols