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Nephrology Department provides comprehensive renal outpatient care and inpatient care with our lead and dedicated Nephrologist and Nephrology Registrar who make sure that the best clinical outcomes are delivered in accordance to international benchmarks. We also provide an international quality Haemodialysis service that is affordable, accessible and equitable to all socioeconomic segments. We are committed to improve the quality of our life of renal patients since the center established in 2012.

Our Haemodialysis Centre is catered for both out-patients and in-patients with state-of-the-art equipment and dialysis solutions for acute or chronic renal failure. We also have compartmentalized and secured facilities for patients with Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C infection.

We offer two price points based on the facilities; Dialysis Suite and Executive Dialysis Suite. The Dialysis Suite is a regular hall type dialysis facility where you can enjoy interaction with your fellow dialysis patients with a sense of privacy. Whereas in the Executive Dialysis Suite, you will have your personal space as well as additional facilities and benefits such as personal flat TV, refreshments and family waiting area. We will do our best to accommodate patients based on their preferred date and times, making the unit favorable to holiday makers, business and transient patients, as well as to our regular outpatients and inpatients. We can also accommodate overseas visitors wishing to dialyze while in Yangon. Importantly we provide all this at the lowest price in the country.

Regardless of the type of facility you choose, once you start Haemodialysis with us, you will get individualized and tailored care from our experienced dialysis nurses who will ensure your safety and make your treatment session personal and comfortable with compassionate and holistic care.
Everything we do … we care for you.