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Our vision is to achieve full patient satisfaction, best patient management outcomes with high standard quality care using focused imaging and laboratory tests. At the same time clinician and all medical staffs in the Department of Internal Medicine are continuously trained for technical skills, patient care management skills and communication skills through round teachings, case presentations, reviews and discussions, journal readings, regular CME programs and conferences. Then the training objectives are also intended to provide the patients with kind and compassionate care, to attain the professional, attitudinal, cognitive, and technical skills, to learn and practice patient communication and shared decision making , to apply current evidence-based knowledge to achieve the best likelihood of the patient’s desired outcome, to develop their careers, achieve scholarship, and complete the prerequisites needed for the next steps of their careers, to learn how to problem solve and begin the process of self-directed, life-long and mutually reinforcing teaching and learning, to assess patient outcomes in order to improve future decision making and guide practice management, to organize their workdays, as well as reflect upon and plan for professional-personal balance, stress reduction, and personal health and to carry out high-level basic and clinical research.