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Position :Clinical Director
Department :Orthopedic
Location :Hlaing Tharyar, Taw Win
Speciality :Joint Replacement Surgery ( Total Knee . Total Hip, Total Elbow, Total Shoulder )Revision surgery for joint replacementsSurgery of the Spine ( Instrumentation of lumbar and cervical spine, Vertebroplasty )Trauma and fractures ( minimal invasive procedures
Qualifications :M.B.,B.S (YGN), M.D (TAIWAN), Fellow of Taiwan Orthopedic Surgeons Association (AAOS), Member of Asia Pacific Orthopedic Association (APOA)
Gender :Male
Language :Burmese, English, Chinese

Chan San Win graduated from Yangon Institute of Medicine in 1980 . To pursue further training he left Myanmar for Taiwan in 1986. In Taiwan he passed the Taiwan M.D licensure examination in 1987. He obtained Orthopedic training at Lotung Po-Ai hospital which is a teaching hospital affiliated with the National Taiwan University Hospital. During the 4 years program he also received training at National Taiwan University Hospital and took the Taiwan Orthopedic Specialist Board examination in 1992. After passing the board examination he became certified as an Orthopedic surgeon. He joined Kuang Tien General Hospital as a consultant in the Orthopedic department in 1994.

During his 22 years service at Kuang Tien General Hospital he had a lot of experience treating Orthopedic patients performing over 12000 surgeries. For the past few years he has mostly treated patients with spinal problems and severe joint degeneration especially in the elderly, joint replacement surgery offered good and reliable results, and he has successfully done a lot of these surgeries. For patients whose initial joint replacements have failed or are not working properly it presents a challenge and Dr Chan has much experience in revision surgery for them. His years of experience treating diseases of the spine helps him in making the correct diagnosis and selecting the best treatment including surgery if needed.

Kuang Tien Hospital is a government recognized teaching hospital with 1300 beds and have a training program for Orthopedic residents. His work consist of treating patients as well as training young doctors
His work in Taiwan is very rewarding and he has a lot of patients who travelled to Taiwan from Myanmar to seek treatment from him. After doing a lot of surgeries for patients who have to travel a long way from Myanmar he decided that the best way for him to treat these patients is by going back to Myanmar. Myanmar is a country that have a lot of excellent doctors but there are not enough specialists and by returning he hope to contribute his knowledge and experience in taking care of people who may need it.

Senior Consultant Orthopedic surgeon (Kuang Tien General Hospital ) 1994-2016 –
Consultant Orthopedic surgeon ( Lotung Po-Ai General Hospital ) 1991-1994 –